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Choosing a mail forwarding service is an important decision. Don't risk your privacy!. We will handle your  affairs  directly from our global offices with the dicretion and care you deserve. We are a discreet and friendly company offering a highly personalised and professional service to you. All our mailing service locations are tried and tested for reliability and professional standards.  We either run them ourselves or they are run by our colleagues. Your privacy is safe with us.

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What is a Mail Drop?
A Mail Drop is an office which provides clients with  a  street mailing address  and collects  mail in  the clients name or company name without having to rent an office or employ staff.
What comes with a Mail Drop?
You receive a street mailing address and your mail can be forwarded to you anywhere in the world. You can also use re-mailing services.  Postage is deducted from your postage deposit.
 What postage deposit amount do I pay ?
Normally this will be from $30  to $80.
What is a Virtual Office?
A Virtual Office is a complete office solution. It includes a Business  mail forwarding  address and also comes with a voice mail and or fax number. Or a dedicated telephone and or Fax line. You can also be supplied with a unique telephone line which is diverted to your own mobile or landline.  Finally you can opt for a shared fax or telephone service with or without a live receptionist.
How do I receive my voice mail & fax messages?
Mostly voicemail and fax are forwarded  to your e-mail  address.
What are Re-mailing services?
Your mail drop facility can post your mail  that you have  already prepared to mail out to your clients. You will have written the letters and placed them in envelopes.  You will send these letters in bulk to your mail drop and they will post them from the location where your maildrop is located.  The postage costs  for this service will be deducted from your postage deposit.
What is Mail Forwarding?
When your Mail Drop Service  collects mail on your behalf, they Mail Forward your items to you wherever you might be. You always have the option to change your Mail Forward address if you move around. The postage costs for this is deducted from your postage deposit.
What is Call Forward/Transfer/diversion?
A dedicated line in one country or  location  which people call and are immediately transferred without any detection to the telephone or fax number of your choice anywhere in the world.


Virtual Assistants available for any task from the complex to the simple.  Need a translator or someone to complete an investigation for you  Maybe you just want  someone to make a phone call for you or place an order   or write a letter . Look no further  we can take the strain out of your life.

Virtual Reserchers  Highly skilled reasearchers available for any assignment.

Virtual Investigators  Trained to the highest standard our investigators can solve any query

Press Releases  Written by National Journalists and published authors just for you.  

Translators  We have a pool of professional translators.

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